Taylor Cormier has been in the radio broadcasting industry for nearly a decade. His background in talk radio greatly contributes to making special connections with whatever crowd he's in front of. In addition to whatever music he's providing for your celebration, Taylor can also provide his own talents as a singer himself. For several years, Taylor has made a name for himself in the South coast of Massachusetts and beyond as a crooner, singing the songs made famous by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and many more. Whether you're looking to throw one of the wildest parties your friends and family have ever seen, or are going for something low-key with a personal touch, Taylor and ProSound Entertainment can deliver.


Roy Barboza is a household name in the Boston area! Having been in the music business for years, Roy is an expert in providing a party atmosphere and can be heard mixing on Hot 96.9 each day. Roy has been in Boston radio for over 20 years and is ready to provide your guests with fun and excitement.

 Scott has been playing music since 1986 when he was the DJ at a roller skating rink!! Since that time you have heard him on the radio playing your favorite music and he is currently on the air at Today[s Easy 99.1 each day. He brings over 25 years of wedding and party experience to the table, and is known for picking the perfect songs at any function. Click on the testimonials section to read what many clients say about parties that Pro Sound has done for them!